Saturday, June 20, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Demolition

            “Look, lady, it’s not my idea to destroy them. But it’s my 
job to get it done. So get out of the way.”
            “Please!” She clasps her hands. “I’ve worked so hard on it! I’ll get more money.”
            “Can you get it in the next five minutes?”
            “Well, no, but-”
            “Then move. It’s coming down.”
            It’s beautiful, but then they always are. Its crystal spires sparkle towards the heavens. She must have poured months into it.
            And now I have to use my power to tear down her Dream Castle because the money has run out.
            I hate my job.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "It wasn't my idea to destroy it. But it was my job to get it done."

Friday, April 17, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Excuses

            “I have to go... iron... my cat.” I winced, unable to believe that I’d just said those words.
            He arched a perfect dark eyebrow in classic romance novel fashion. “I see. Well, I’d hate to keep you from something so important.”
            “I’m sorry. I’m not good at this.”
             “It’s alright. I understand. I won’t bother you again.”
            He walked away and I let him go. I had to. Nothing could interfere with my mission.

            But as I set off to find the landlocked mermaid, I wished that I could have just one ordinary Friday night.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "I have to go... iron... my cat."

Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - Death Date

            “I think I’ve been dead since ’98.” Marianne stirs her smoothie with her lips scrunched to one side.
            “Can’t you keep anything straight?” Karlie asks over her coffee mug. “It was ’99. I remember you complaining about just missing the millennium.”
            “It doesn’t matter anyways,” says Max, “Y’all know I died in the eighties.”
            “But Richard died in ’76.”
            “Richard doesn’t count. I’m the oldest in the group.”
            “I think youngest should decide where we haunt next.” Hayley grins, licking her ice cream cone.

            “Hasn’t even been dead a week, and already she wants to boss us around,” Karlie complains.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "I think I've been dead since '98."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Virtual Writing Club || Week 2

Flash Fiction Friday: The Butterflies

            “Please,” Shelly clutched my arm, “Help him.” She gestured to the door off the lab.
            I went through and caught my breath. The hallway was filled with hundreds of butterflies, nestling on the walls. It took me a few minutes to find the scientist; he was covered in butterflies, too. But I could see his eyes. Haunted. Streaming tears.
            “It’s beautiful,” he whispered.
            “It is.” I knelt before him. “Doctor Richards, will you come with me for a little while?”
            “They told me about where they come from.” His shoulders shook, dislodging a few butterflies. “I want to go there.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "The hallway was filled with hundreds of butterflies, all nestling on the walls."

Friday, March 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Deadly

            “Careful with that, it’s...” she started.
            “What? Fragile?” He twirled the orb around in his hands, smirking. “Don’t worry, love, I’ll be careful.”
            “I was going to say, ‘coated in a deadly toxin.’”
            He dropped the orb and it shattered against the ground.
            “Am I going to die?”
            “Yes. Do you mind cleaning up your mess before you do?”
            “You have to cure me!”
            She leaned against the desk, arms folded. “Only if you leave.”
            “I can’t leave without the book they sent me for.”
            “Then I guess I’ll be cleaning up both messes -- the glass and your corpse.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "Careful with that, it's..."

Friday, March 6, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Unwanted Friend

            Nothing had happened in almost two days, and Michael wondered if at last his new friend had found someone else. Just as he thought it, however, he saw a familiar shimmer of light. And there was his brother. Then a scream.
            Dread flooded Michael’s chest. He leapt over the terrace railing and onto the ground below, running toward the fallen form as fast as he could. He was too late.
            “You killed him!”
            “Now you can be king.” The light shimmered and danced. “You’re welcome!”
            “No! No, this isn’t what I want!”
            “Isn’t it?” The ball of light bobbed. “Oops.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "He leapt over the terrace railing and onto the ground below, running toward the fallen form as fast as he could."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: Cinderella

            One golden pump flew into the corner. Hair tumbled down, bobby pins scattering over the floor. Opening the fridge, Eleanor nabbed a can of beer and popped it open.
            Bob stormed in the front door, glittering in his blue suit. “What are you doing?”
            “Don’t yell at me; it’s been a long night. I lost my shoe.”
            “How’s he going to fall in love with you if you keep leaving early?”
            A knock came at the open door. The two conspirators whirled to see the millionaire standing outside the cheap apartment, holding a golden pump.
            “I think you dropped this.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "She'd had enough of parties."