About This Page

Hello and welcome to Kate's Novel Idea! My name is Kat!e. I will be your guide. Straitjackets are on the left, and please don't lick your neighbor. Writing is a journey into the insane, and we (that's me and the voices in my head) are glad to have you along for the ride!

What is this place you've stumbled into? It's a myriad of things. Stories! Diary entries! Confessions! Penguins! Wait, penguins? Who left the fridge open again? Excuse me a moment.

Go! Get back in there! Shoo! 

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes. On this blog, you'll find a collection of writing prompts, as well as my responses to them. These are usually unfinished stories that may or may not be continued some day. Read at your own discretion; I'm not making any promises to finish anything.

You will also find my writing diary. Here I record where I'm at in my writing, what I'm working on, what my goals are, where ideas are coming from, and how much I loathe and detest being a writer. It's fun times.

Those two things are actually all I have planned for this blog, but that's not to say other things won't crop up. I have lots of obsessions, and apparently a fridge full of penguins (seriously, I have no idea how those got in there.) Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at katesnovelidea @ gmail . com (no spaces) if you have any questions or there's something specific you would like to talk to me about.

I also co-admin a page on writing, where we give advice and talk about the writing journey. That is called Creative Writers -- please check it out!

Check out my writing vlog as well. It's full of insanity and writing advice and me looking really, really silly.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Kate's Novel Idea. Any vivid hallucinations, fits of random giggling, or super dramatic eye rolls should be reported to your handler immediately. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!