Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - Death Date

            “I think I’ve been dead since ’98.” Marianne stirs her smoothie with her lips scrunched to one side.
            “Can’t you keep anything straight?” Karlie asks over her coffee mug. “It was ’99. I remember you complaining about just missing the millennium.”
            “It doesn’t matter anyways,” says Max, “Y’all know I died in the eighties.”
            “But Richard died in ’76.”
            “Richard doesn’t count. I’m the oldest in the group.”
            “I think youngest should decide where we haunt next.” Hayley grins, licking her ice cream cone.

            “Hasn’t even been dead a week, and already she wants to boss us around,” Karlie complains.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "I think I've been dead since '98."


Quinlyn said...

This is so adorable. Very yes. Much awesome. Wow. Also, how do I join that ghostie league? I need some help with my hauntings.

Ginny-Gin-Gin said...

Haha, I completely agree that this is adorable! Poor Richard, being completely disregarded like that. Rude! But I love this little passel of contentious ghosts!