Saturday, February 14, 2015

Book Challenge: A Funny Book

Book: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
Pages: 219
Date Read: 2/10 - 2/14/2015
Rating: ☆ 

Other Categories this book could 
have fit into:
A book by an author I've never read before
A book my mom loves
A book set in a different country

I put this book down as a funny book because its humor was its saving grace. It was painfully boring, but then it would make me laugh, and that kept me going.

I really wanted to love this book. My mother adored it and could not stop raving about it. But almost nothing happens. It's a quest story and they don't even get attacked until on the way back. When they got what they were questing for and turned around to back, I literally moaned aloud. And I almost wept from boredom during one of the history lessons (that's a literal description of the scene -- one of the characters sits down and gives his apprentices a history lesson on the political structure of the three kingdoms.)

This was honestly an interesting story with a complex political structure, a fascinating religion, and likable characters. And it was told in the slowest, dullest way possible. Frequently, I would flip forward to see how many pages I had left, and the answer was always, "Too many."

For all its merits, this book was ruined by its dullness. I wouldn't recommend it; though, of course, my mother adores it and thinks everyone should read it. So take that as you will.


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