Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! This year, I am doing a Reading Challenge -- and I thought I would blog about the books I read as I go. I'm not a very good book reviewer, but I think this will be a fun addition to the challenge and hopefully you will all enjoy it ^_^ I'd love it if you joined in with the challenge with me and let me know as we go along how it's going for you.

Here's the challenge:

A book with more than 500 pages - This shouldn't be hard, though it will take some searching. I don't have anything specific in mind yet.

A classic romance - Not my favorite genre, but there's plenty of Jane Austen novels I haven't read.

A book that became a movie - Lots of choices here. I'm probably going to do Howl's Moving Castle, since I've been dying to read and watch that one.

A book published this year - I'll wait for the end of the year for this one. I don't have any books I'm waiting for, so I'll probably read one by an author I'm friends with.

A book with a number in the title - Twice 22 by Ray Bradbury has been on my TBR pile for awhile.

A book written by someone under thirty - I'm thinking Girl Online, since I already want to read it and know the author is under thirty.

A book with nonhuman characters - I can finally read Watership Down.

A funny book - Instead of specifically looking for a funny book, I'll just wait until I read one that makes me laugh and then I'll count it for this, though I do have a few in mind that will probably qualify.

A mystery or thriller - I'm trying to decide between The Maltese Falcon and something by Agatha Christie.

A book with a one-word title - I keep thinking of Variant by Robison Wells, but I'm aiming for books I haven't read. I'm sure I'll find something.

A book of short stories - Many to choose from! I'm thinking of going with O. Henry.

A book set in a different country - This won't be hard. Most books I read take place in Europe.

A nonfiction book - Not my usual genre, but the idea of this list is to stretch a little. I have a Hans Christian Anderson biography I've been thinking of reading that would do well for this list.

A popular author's first book - I don't read a lot of popular authors. Perhaps I'll look for Lois Lowry's or Stephen King's first novel.

A book from an author you love that you haven't read yet - I just got a Wodehouse book I've never read!

A book a friend recommended - Do any of you have any recommendations?

A book your mom loves - This is the only one that I know what I'm going to read; Ivy Tree. My mother has been trying to get me to read it since I was twelve.

A book that scares you - I've got a nice collection of Poe just waiting for this one.

A book more than one hundred years old - So, pretty much everything I read?

A memoir - Stephen King's On Writing counts, right?

A book you can finish in a day - Something pretty short; I'm a slow reader.

A book with antonyms in the title - I'm thinking Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit - England or Ireland; it won't be hard to find one. I have a collection of Irish fairytales I've been wanting to read.

A book that came out the year you were born - The Giver was published in 1993, but I am trying to avoid rereading too many books (though I haven't read The Giver in awhile, so I may well go with it.) I also found a book called Crazy Lady! which was a Newbery Honor Book in 1994 and looks kind of interesting. Those are probably the two I'll be choosing between.

A trilogy - I just said I don't want to reread too many books in this challenge, but I really need an excuse to reread the Three Doors trilogy by Emily Rodda. Or maybe I'll finally finish Beyonders. A few choices for this one; but I'll have to make sure it's something I like, since I'll be stuck with three books.

A book from your childhood - Too many to choose from! I have a whole shelf of these; picking won't be easy.

A book with a love triangle - Another category that I'll probably decide after I've read it. But if any of you have a recommendation for a book with a great love triangle, please let me know!

A book set in the future - Does it have to be my future, or just the author's? I'm kind of thinking of reading 1984 for this one, since I've never read it. Or maybe something by H. G. Wells.

A book set in High School - I almost didn't include this one, since High School books are not my favorite. But I'm trying to stretch myself, so I'm going to suck it up and find something. My mother recommended The Outsiders.

A book with a color in the title - I have The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. Or maybe The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley (which I've read, but have been wanting to reread.) I don't have a set idea for this one, but there are plenty to choose from.

A book that made you cry - Time to get out... anything written by Kate DiCamillo. I'm sure this won't be a hard category to fill; I cry in everything.

A book with magic - Oh, this one will be hard. I never read books with magic in them. (I need a sarcasm font.)

A graphic novel - Any recommendations? I've read the Rapunzel books by Shannon and Dean Hale, but that's about it for graphic novels.

A book by an author you've never read before - Not a hard category, though it may be hard to know what I want to read. I'm open to recommendations for obscure books whose authors I may not have heard of.

A book that takes place in your hometown - Break out the LDS fiction!

A book that was originally written in a different language - I should read something new, but I'm really just trying to decide between The City of Dreaming Books and The Little Prince.

A book set during Christmas - Maybe I'll finally read A Christmas Carol!

A book written by an author with your same initials - Anyone know any authors whose initials are KWL? (or even just KL?) *goes on a quest to find one*

A play - Lots to choose from. I want to read some Shakespeare this year, and I have a book of Oscar Wilde plays I haven't read yet.

A banned book - I kind of want to read Fahrenheit 451, just because the irony of that book being banned is my favorite thing. Or maybe I'll read some Junie B. Jones. This is another category that will be easy to find something for, since pretty much every book under the sun has been banned at one point or another.

A book based on or turned into a TV show - I've been wanting to read some Star Trek novels, because I'm just that nerdy. Or maybe I'll reread Deltora Quest, because I always need an excuse to reread those books.

A book you started but never finished - I'm definitely reading The Golden Journey for this one. I was loving it, and am really not sure why I stopped reading.

A book on the BYU honors book list - Many, many to choose from. This isn't really helping in my "narrow down my list!" plan, but I'm still excited. *Edit* I'm strongly considering Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie.

An LDS nonfiction - I'll just go pull something off my mom's bookshelf.

A book of poems - Another one that's going to be easy to find books and hard to choose. I have a book of Byron and a book of Robert Frost, both of which are vying for my attention.

I mostly added my notes so that I remember in August which books I was planning on reading. Also, I would really appreciate some recommendations! I hope you all enjoy this journey with me.


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Ginny-Gin-Gin said...

This is A LOT of books for a list! (I made a list of fifteen books over the summer and I think I maybe read half of them) but I think this is a fun idea! I may pick a couple and add them to my reading pile for this year :D