Tuesday, May 13, 2014


And the 1st Annual Fangirl Award goes to....

Quinlyn ran a close second. 

What in the heck am I talking about, you ask? Well, last night a beautiful thing happened. First, Lady Violet posted this picture on her wonderful page Character Lounge

I mentioned before that I hate love interests who exist just to be the love interest. So, I commented... and then this conversation happened: 

I just feel so awesome that my friends were arguing over the love-triangle in my book! It made me feel like a real writer, with fangirls (of course, these are friends of mine... and the book hasn't actually been written yet... but it still counts.) 

So why was the award given to Lady Violet, instead of being a dead draw between her and Quinlyn? Well, first, LV's arguments about GreyDay are pretty solid (and she talked me into keeping Clara's last name Grey just for the shipper name Grey Day.) And then she made this picture: 

If you notice in the shot of our Facebook conversation, I have actually made this my Facebook profile picture. It just fills my ness with joy!! 

So, yeah, this is pretty silly, and I'm totally making a bigger deal out of it than it is, but I felt really awesome during this conversation last night. It's fun to think that I have a debate-worthy love triangle in this book. It would be more fun if I knew who to ship... Just kidding. I totally have this figured out. Obviously. *cough* 

As for book progress, I did write an entire chapter today! Suzerra brought out a giant salamander, and Niron had a nervous breakdown. Good times. Next chapter is back to Jak and Clara in the dungeon. I'm really not sure how my timeline is working... this back-and-forth between characters thing is totally stressing me out. 
I always panic when I write my Sloppy Copy. I have no idea what's happening! But it always comes together by the end... I think. I hope. Oh, goodness, it's time for me to have a nervous breakdown! *sobs* At least I have fangirls!!!

I love you guys! Thanks for supporting and encouraging me. It's because of you I wrote Chapter 6 today ^_^



Ginny-Gin-Gin said...

Fangirling is only one of my favorite activities :D How cool that you have your own following! (Although, I like to think that all of us KWL frequenters counted as something :D)

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

Oh, you definitely did! You were my first support group, and the reason I finished my first novel. I still think back on some of the critiques you guys gave me. I've always been very lucky to have such amazing support! ♥