Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday - Follow Your Heart

           “Xenon of Riethial; you have been found guilty of crimes against your country, namely making love to a member of the royal court. For this crime, you shall lose your life.”
            As the guard pushed Xenon to his knees, he looked out across the crowd of those who were eager for his blood. He found the one pair of eyes filled with tears.
            “I regret nothing,” he said, though she was too far away to make out his words.
            The executioner’s axe clanged against the cement block. In that moment, Princess Solace vowed she would never follow her heart again.


NOTE: The happenings of this story are not mine. They were originated by my friend Andrea Tonnies as the backstory for one of her characters in a roleplay we do together. The story fit this prompt perfectly, and I was so inspired I felt the need to put the story into my own words, and Andi was gracious enough to give me permission to post it ^_^

Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "That's what happens when you follow your heart." Courtesy of WonHundred Word Wednesday! Read the other responses: 


Wendy Jo said...

Beautifully sad! Love it

Laura D. Bastian said...

AH! Stabbed me through the heart. So sweet and sad at the same time.

Jessica Winn said...

Ouch! So sad!

AM Woods: said...

Oh! Sad for them. Really well done!

Kelly Martin said...

I love this!