Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday - The Devil's Name

New to the blog! I have joined a group called WonHundred Word Wednesday! Every Wednesday, we all write a one hundred word story inspired by a prompt. We also link to each other's, so you can see how many different ways it's possible to go from one writing prompt. Here's today's:

“Fredrick Lawson, in answer to the testimony you have given, this court has decided to repeal your sentence….”
“No,” whimpered the girl beside me. I looked over at Hailey. She rocked back and forth, her eyes on the man standing before the judge.
“They’re letting him go.” Tears welled in her eyes.
“He’s helping them.”
“He gave them some information, and because of that it’s all ok? Everything he did?” She trembled. I feared she might have a seizure.
I placed my hand on her arm. “It’s ok.”

“You don’t understand,” she whispered. “To me, the devil’s name is Fred.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "The devil's name was Fred." Courtesy of WonHundred Word Wednesday! Read the other responses: 


AM Woods: said...

Oh man! That is brutal - devil indeed. Loved it!

Jessica Winn said...

That kind of broke my heart. I don't know what the guy did, but based on the poor girl I hate him. Powerful. Nice job with the prompt!

Miranda D Nelson said...

Wow, that is powerful! Poor girl! I want to know what he did to make her so upset. Great work!