Friday, June 28, 2013

Writers Are Awesome

You know what the coolest part of writing conferences is? Hanging out with Julie Wright ^-^ But, after that, the coolest part is... well, hanging out with everybody else! (Sorry everybody else, you come in second to Julie Wright. It was inevitable. She's cooler than you.)

There's just something magical about being in a room full of writers. Realizing that every person in that room with you has entire worlds and other people inside their head. Hearing snippets of conversations like: "What's your genre?" "I need a problem." "He needs to die, but I'm not sure how to do it." It's just glorious!

As you've probably gathered, but I realize I haven't actually said, I got to go to another Writers' Conference this weekend!! Yes, that is my fourth this year. I have super amazing parents who support my writing habit. This weekend's is hosted by the Utah Valley chapter of the League of Utah Writers (I really need to join the Heber chapter... that should be a thing.) Today's classes were wonderful, with presentations by Jennifer Nielsen, Annette Lyon, Heather Moore, Julie Bellon and Julie Wright. I just love these people. I was spazzing about how epic hanging out with writers was last weekend (at The Teen Writer's Conference), and Ronda Hinrichsen said: "We're your people." Which made me feel special -- and is so true! I just feel happy around writers; people who understand what I do and consider it of value. People who think looking up different punching techniques is cool and that talking to yourself is normal.

And I get to go again tomorrow! Which means I should really be asleep... But sleep is for turtles. Tomorrow's speakers are J. Scott Savage, Platte Clark, Josi Kilpack, Sarah Anderson and Lisa Mangum. I am really excited! These are some of my favorite people -- and Julie's going to be there again tomorrow ^-^ Maybe I'll sit next to her so we can crack jokes and try to distract Josi while she teaches. Mwuahahahaha!

I use a lot of emoticons in my blog posts... I wonder if I could get away with that in novel writing. That would be EPIC! I'm'a do it. I'll let Kizzy be a first-person narrator and she and I can write a ridiculous novel riddled with emoticons. Yes. *nods* Oh, and physical asides like that, too. *sigh* I really need to stop roleplaying, it messes with my writing style. Yeah, like that could happen. I meant to be asleep an hour ago, but Kimberly and I got working on our story... and Alistine is just so angsty and in love (even though she shouldn't be -- her boyfriend is horrible... I totally love him.)

Ok, I have been up since early and it is now late (my times are so specific.) I get weirder and less coherent the later it gets... which is impressive, as I was pretty darn incoherent this morning. I should really stop now. I'll try posting again tomorrow -- maybe I'll actually bring my laptop and blog from the conference! Another great thing about this particular conference is that they have lots of breaks. Oh! and really good food! Today's lunch was catered by Zupas! And they had my favorite strawberry cashew salad! (not as good with the cranberries, but still delicious.) It was glorious. I look forward to another epic day tomorrow!

Goodnight my lovelies! ♥



Paige said...

We totally need to go to a writing conference together! That would be *so* much fun. I'm really glad you had a good time. Take me with you next time, though. Seriously! ^_^

Kate's Novel Idea said...

This is going to happen! Seriously, we should schedule one for next year and talk to parents and stuff. ...I can't go to The Teen Writers Conference next year unless I get published... I should do that, and then you could come watch me present. *nods* Tee-hee ^-^ Otherwise, we should go to LTUE together. That would be epic!