Thursday, June 6, 2013

Putting the Pro in Procrastinate

Today's title is something Paige always says, and it makes me laugh. Have you noticed Paige crops up in my blog posts a lot? There's a simple explanation for that: She's awesome.

Anyway, I really should be writing. But I started my book by hand, and lately it takes a crowbar to wrench my new laptop from my grasp. She's just so fantastic. Lookie:
Her name is Emilee

I guess I should type up what I've written into Google Docs and work on it there. But my notebook I'm writing it in is beautiful also. Because what's better than a book about serial killers written in a cute penguin notebook?!

Maybe I'll finish typing up Codswallop's diary into Google Docs and work on that. That actually sound like a good idea. I've been writing the diary in a different notebook than the narration -- and by notebook, I actually just mean some paper stuck together in a binder. Moving it to Google Docs will work well.

This post is really rambly. I have been sleeping insanely weird hours (I slept from 10a.m. to 6p.m. today) and it's really throwing off my focus. But I warned you that this blog would contain insanity. Belonging as it does to me, it could hardly contain anything else.

On the subject of my story: I figured out Codswallop's father's name. I don't know why I was struggling with that so much. I wanted him to have an old-fashioned warlock name, sturdy and with a history behind it. What I ended up with is Simon (for Simon Magus.) Somehow, his character seemed to relate to that of the man who would pay for God's blessings. Now the hard part is going to be avoiding making "Simon says" jokes.

I also found some concept pictures for Codswallop's mother:

I love all the bangles on this one. It's definitely how I imagine Aishe dressing. I also like the color of her hair. Sometimes, I think she's blonder than that, but this hair color seems a little more gold, which I like.
 I can't imagine Aishe ever looking this pensive, but I really liked the clothes in this picture, and I could see this being physically what Aishe looks like. If you compare it to the picture above, you'll see that I'm still pretty up in the air about exactly what she looks like.
And the last one captures her personality really well, though is too young to be Cod's mother. Although she could be his sister... As soon as I thought that, I had a whole plot idea about a younger sister running through my head. But said sister couldn't be Simon's daughter. And I'm not sure I really want to add infidelity to Aishe's already lengthy list of sins against her family. I'm really not sure if Aishe would be a faithful wife. Sometimes I think she would, other times not so much. I really struggle with likable characters making decisions I disagree with morally. Though I'm not actually sure how likable Aishe is. A woman who would completely abandon her family for her own selfish desires.... I really struggle with liking her. Codswallop has no problem with it, though. He loves his mother, and doesn't blame her for leaving. Which kind of stresses me out. My biggest struggle with this book is that the hero and I do not see eye to eye on some pretty crucial things. I don't want to seem like I'm making a statement with this book -- I disagree with Codswallop completely. I think it's good to write heroes with whom you disagree -- I just don't know how to do it without people thinking that Codswallop's views are my own. I need one of those disclaimers: "Any opinions expressed herein are those of the characters speaking, and do not necessarily represent the opinions or viewpoints of the author." I think I may have that printed in the front of all my books. *nods*

Alright, I have procrastinated long enough. Soon Kimberly and Paige will be online to roleplay with me, and I need to get some writing done before then. Ooh! and I need to make a Sleeping Draught in Pottermore. Love you all. Don't fall out of any windows!


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