Friday, April 1, 2011

Time Machine

“What are you doing?!” Dianna shrieked. Sparks flew from the center control panel.

“I’m not doing anything!” Jynne answered furiously, twisting knobs and punching buttons. Another shower of orange sparks shot out from the controls. Dianna stumbled back and fell onto the padded seats behind her.

“Not doing anything?” she repeated, “What, did this thing just decide to try and kill us?”

“Yes, it did!” The ship jerked and Jynne fell to her knees.

Instead of trying to regain her footing, the girl banged her head against the console.

With a final dramatic jerk, the machine shuddered to a stop.

Jynne moaned.

“Maybe we should have paid attention when Borris taught us how to drive this thing?” Dianna suggested timidly.

“I did pay attention,” Jynne growled.

Another spark flew from the center of the ship, and then everything went dark.

“You killed it,” said Dianna.

“I didn’t kill it,” said Jynne, “Come on.” She stood and pushed open the ship’s door. It fell off and crashed against the pavement.

“Raun is going to kill you,” Dianna said, following Jynne into the alleyway they had landed in.

Papers blew around in the space between buildings, and several dumpsters sat open. The ship Dianna and Jynne had just exited looked like a miserable hunk of junk. It was a dull silver color and was billowing smoke. Long, jagged scars covered its surface.

“Raun is not going to stop at killing you. Killing you would be a mercy.”

“You’re not helping!” Jynne snapped.

Rubbing a hand across her forehead, Dianna looked around.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“New York somewhere,” said Jynne, examining their machine.

“And when?”

“I don’t know. Go find a newspaper or something while I fix this.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: A simple free-write, courtesy of my incredibly dull driver's ed class, which gave me plenty of time to think.

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