Monday, April 4, 2011

Mystyks Convention

The cold was absolute bliss. Next time I saw a Winter, I was going to snog him.

Okay, it isn’t usually my practice to go around kissing random warlocks – that’s more my sister’s thing (she’s a Love) – but you have to understand: it was hot enough outside to make a dragon beg for ice water. In fact, I think we had passed one doing just that on our way to the convention.

Luckily, the staff at the Mystyks convention had the Winters working full-time keeping the building nice and cool.

While I had been thinking these thoughts (my brain running a bit slow because of the heat) my family had left me.

I decided to wander over to the General Magyk stall, since I had not yet discovered my Power. I was starting to worry. Katia had discovered she was a Love when she was twelve. I was almost sixteen. Luckily, my eighteen-year-old brother hadn’t discovered his power either, so I could safely hide behind him.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "The height of summer - A family emergency - A musician - A convention"

NOTE: This piece is, believe it or not, actually the original draft of The Witch's Key. True, the two have little or nothing in common, but this is where the idea of a brother who was secretly hanging out with mundanes originated. So, strange though it may seem, I have this writing prompt and subsequent story to thank for Phyllida and the rest.


creme brulee said...

where is the musician?

creme brulee said...

I do like this one. you really should go further with these.

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

Haha... yeah, I didn't make it as far as the musician. Or the family emergency. Some day, I might continue one -- though, this one was actually (sort of) the inspiration for my current novel.

creme brulee said...

are tyou going to finish this "current" novel by any chance?