Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Thought I'd Healed (Jak)


         Finishing off the last of his dinner, Jak leaned forward, closer to the fire, the heat stinging his cold skin.
            “I’ve got just the stuff to warm us up,” said Borris, pulling something from his pack. “’Been saving it for a special occasion, but I guess this will do.”
            He held up a bottle. Its contents gleamed golden and red in the firelight.
            “Where the grauk did you get fairy nectar?” asked Suzerra, snatching the bottle. She opened it and took a deep whiff, licking her lips.
            The others continued to buzz with excitement, but Jak didn’t hear them. His eyes were fixed on the golden liquid. Memories fogged his thinking. But he forced himself to blink and look away. This was foolish.
            And then the bottle was passed to him. The rich, sweet scent wafted up to him. And he remembered.

            The golden liquid made music as it trickled from the bottle and filled the sparkling crystal glass. The scent was dizzying, sweet and intoxicating.
            “How much do you like?” asked Uncle Juniper.
            “I don’t know,” said Jak. “I’ve never had any.”
            “Never-! Izzy! You’ve been depriving him.”
            Princess Isadora sniffed, taking a sip of her pale, white wine. She did not deign to answer her brother.
            “Well, this is a special occasion, my boy! Go on, drink up!”
            “A special occasion indeed.”
            All heads turned to the doorway, where a stately fairy stood, shimmering in a scarlet gown. Her lips were curved in a smile, but her eyes were hard and cold. Behind her stood many of the palace guards, and other men bearing sharp weapons that glittered in the firelight.
            “Donella?” said the king, rising at the head of the table.
            “Goodbye, brother.”

            “Jak? Jak, are you in there?”
            Jak blinked and looked up to see his sister laughing.
            “You’re supposed to drink some and pass on the bottle,” she said.
            “I’ve never had any before,” Jak murmured, looking down at the bottle in his hand.
            “You’ve never had fairy nectar?” Suzerra’s eyes widened. “Seriously?”
            “Neither have I,” said Maurelle. “I was too young when we left. Come on, Jak, try some now. Then it’s my turn!”
            Jak took a swallow, hoping it would drown out the screams.

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Quinlyn said...

Man, that's not depressing AT ALL.

So awesome, though. :D