Saturday, June 14, 2014

Who Needs Sleep?

I'm blaming Anne Shirley for this one. I'm reading Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery, and in it Anne talks about how, when she's lying in bed late at night, she likes to imagine herself being all sorts of different things. She imagines herself as a prima donna, or a Red Cross nurse, or, once, a queen. And I think to myself, "That would be fun."
So, tonight, when I lay down to go to sleep, I try to imagine myself as a queen.

I see a throne room, lined with anxiously waiting people. And a young, pale girl, probably about fourteen (not me, we see,) trembles down the aisle.
"She's so young," someone says, to be hushed by her neighbor.
"Mama, she looks sad," says a child.
The girl holds her head up high. She mustn't let them see how frightened she is. The war that killed her parents still wages on, and she must lead the people. It is her duty.
She kneels before the man with the crown. He says some words, not heard by any, and places it on her head. She writhes in agony and falls to the ground.
A man emerges from the crowd.
"So will fall your kingdom!" he cries.
Little does he know that the newly-made queen is friends with fairies. Her shaking hand uncaps a bottle of incandescent liquid, like molten diamonds, and downs it without anyone seeing. She gets strongly to her feet.
"You cannot defeat us. Guards, seize this traitor!"
The man is seized.
"Take him to the dungeons!"
He laughs. Then he slumps and foam flecks his lips. The queen bows her head.
"Take him to the tombs," she amends.
The traitor is dragged away. The queen picks up her crown and wipes the poison from it with her handkerchief. Then she places it on her head.
"So we will win this war," she says.
At the back of the room, a dark haired young man begins to clap. Soon, the room echoes with cheers for the new queen.

Yup, this is what happened in my head. And I had to wake myself up to write it down. It isn't much yet. This scene would obviously be written very differently. And perhaps it isn't as unique of a story as my two-o'clock-in-the-morning brain thinks it is. But, as always, very distinct characters have come to me and I look forward to getting to know them.

But now I really need to be asleep! What's more, if I'm going to be focusing on a story, it should be Magicland. Not to mention, I have Codswallop and that one fairy story in the queue. But this story comes up, all sparkly and exciting, and suddenly I want to shift my focus. Well, tough luck, me. Focus is the only way I'm going to get my novel finished.

So, yeah, this isn't really a very relevant (or coherent) story. I shouldn't blog at two a.m. But I did have to get down the idea. Hopefully you enjoyed it. This story is at the bottom of the pile, but I like to think someday it will be written. If only because of the adorable love story ^_^

Sleep is for turtles! (But it might also be good for Kat!es.) 

Sleep well, my lovelies. 



Quinlyn said...

It's awesome, Kat!e! I really like it. :D

Laura D. Bastian said...

that is a great way to go to sleep. Dreaming before the dreams. Lots of fun.