Thursday, May 22, 2014

Everyone Else Talks About Love

Yesterday, in my WonHundred Word Wednesday post, Suzerra answered the prompt "The truth about love." (Read that here.) I figured I might as well give the others a chance to do the same (except Niron, because Niron and I aren't friends. Eh, I'll do his eventually. Maybe.)
So here are Jak, Maurelle, and Clara's thoughts about love. Oh, and, because it was originally a WonHundred Word Wednesday challenge, I gave them each only (and exactly) 100 Words, which Clara used to mean advantage, I thought.

            The truth about love is that it’s dangerous. It clouds your judgment. When you’re worried they won’t be safe, worried they will be hurt, worried they’ll never understand, then you won’t be able to focus on the task ahead of you.
Maybe it’s worth it, though. I dunno’.
I know I wouldn’t give up my love of Maurelle for anything. Maybe that makes me stupid. Life was hard enough in New York without a little sister to look after. But I don’t know if I could have kept sane without her.
Maybe love is a form of strength after all.

         The truth about love is it’s exciting. And mysterious. And painful. After all, you never know if your feelings are returned. And you never know when you might lose someone. Love is scary. But it’s a good kind of scary. An exciting kind. I don’t know much about being in love. There’s this guy I really like, but he may not even think about me. I guess that’s not important. Love of family is more important. But family can leave you, too. Anyone can, I suppose. But it’s better to love and lose, I guess. Isn’t that what they say?

The truth about love is hard to pinpoint. There are many truths to it. Love is layered. And there are many different types of love.
Love of family can be the greatest strength, and deepest source of joy. It gets me through my darkest days. But it can also be a source of sadness. Having my family so widespread across the globe, not knowing where they all are, is a constant ache. And losing my mother and baby brother is something I know I will never get over.
As for the romantic kind… it looks like I’m out of words.

See? She's a punk. Anyway, I guess I should go do some real writing (which is code for: "I'm going to go watch Leverage.") I'll post more about Magicland, hopefully with some progress, later. 
Love and bubbles!

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