Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kate's Novel Idea Episode 2

Here's the second episode of my vlog, Kate's Novel Idea.

Tidbits that came out of the box:

 If you lick a squirrel, you tend to get in trouble. At the very least, it bugs the squirrel--but I had no idea it would tick off the cops.

 After I explained what I was doing at 2a.m. on the computer, my husband reminded me that it's not normal to e-mail a dead person on a regular basis.


Tracey Bowden
26, 5' 7", Blue Eyes, Brown Hair
Loyal and Self-Confident
Evil, Daring, Reserved
Scared of heights and Being alone

 I've always felt it must be rather comforting to be the murderer. You're the only one who knows no one is trying to kill you.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: "The story is about an ambassador, a knight, a hunter, and a bloodthirsty magician. It starts in a fiery police state in a magical universe. A new kind of magic is evolving in the story." and "There was nobody left to question the wind."


aras said...

Oh, so apparently i was doing the "Write everything and anything" thing wrong up until i saw this. I've read "Writing Magic" several times, and tried the writing everything, but i always end up complaining about how i need to write but can't or don't want to. Thanks for the demonstraition, maybe i'll be more progressive in my junk writing now :)

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

Haha, I'm pretty sure you can't do that activity wrong. The point is just to start writing. But sometimes it's hard to even get yourself to do that. There's no problem just writing about how you have nothing to write about--indeed, that's what I did today. But be sure to try other things--for some reason, sketching out Jack Johnson lyrics really helps me. ^_^