Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Lovely Prison

The full moon reflected brightly off the water. Ella crouched close, running her hand over the smooth surface of the lake. A breeze stirred her skirts and the trees, and pink blossoms drifted towards her. She took a deep breath, trying to appreciate the beauty—but all this did not hide that she was in a prison.
She got to her feet, looking down at the clear water on which she stood, never breaking the surface. Though she knew it was useless, she began to walk. It was unnerving to step on water, and still she half-expected to fall through at any moment. She walked all through the night. The moon slowly sank below the horizon, and the sun rose, but did not warm her. Still she walked—but it did no good. The lake was never-ending. The only things to see were the pink trees and the sky stretching above her. Otherwise, she was alone.
At last she could walk no more. She fell to her knees and wept. Her tears made ripples in the water that otherwise refused to acknowledge her presence.
“Come now, we can’t have this.” Said an all-too familiar voice behind her.
Ella quickly stood and turned around—but no one was there. “Verity?”
“You look a mess.”
Spinning around, Ella still could only see trees and water and sky. “Where are you?”
“Listen, dear, I need you to tell me about that spell. That’s all I need and then I’ll let you out of here. And, from what I’ve seen, I think you’re ready to be out.”
“I’ll never give you the spell!” said Ella.
At last Verity appeared before her. Her long violet hair stayed perfectly still and in place, and her silver eyes were sharp. She gave a faint smile. “You will give me the spell,” she said softly, “One way or another.”
Verity shook her head. “Pity,” she said. She closed her eyes, and whispered something. Waves rushed up around her, spinning up over her head, and then crashed down. Verity was gone. In her place was a young woman with long, light-brown hair and large brown eyes. Ella gasped—for she was looking at herself. “And Richard seemed like such a nice young man,” Verity said from Ella’s body, with Ella’s voice, “It’s rather unfortunate he has to die.”
With that, she was gone.
“No!” Ella screamed, “No, please, come back!”
She fell to the water, and this time it embraced her, pulling her under. Ella gasped as the cold water soaked her, and her gasp pulled water into her lungs.
“No!” she tried to cry, but it was no use. She couldn’t breathe. Soon she lost all sense of what was around her.

Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: Picture above, courtesy of my fellow Admin on Creative Teen Writers.

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