Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Shadows

In the darkest time of night, a shadow slipped between the trees. Spurred on by fear, the shadow ran, a question on its mind.
A mystery.
High above, another shadow sailed before the moon. With hope, this shadow flew, eyes open wide.
A dream.
Below, a final shadow made an impossible journey. Determined, the shadow quietly waited, searching, always searching.
A quest.

Three shadows gathered in a forest clearing, saying nothing. One spoke an incantation. One performed the spell. One lit a fire with a mere wave of a hand.
The flames rose to the sky. Inside the fire stood a child of innocence and wisdom.
An answer. The apparition spoke.
A reality. The apparition smiled.
Revenge. The apparition giggled.
Question, dream, quest—
All the same, all the same
. The apparition sang.
Stay together – don’t get lost!
The same, the same, the same
. The apparition stopped.
The fire began to burn down. The apparition started to fade.
“Wait!” cried the first shadow.
“You have told us nothing!” complained the second.
“You promised me answers.” cursed the third.
The child specter smiled its child smile.

The question answered,
dream and quest fulfilled.
Each one hangs
upon the other.
Stay together – don’t get lost!
The same, the same, the same!

The apparition was gone.
A cool wind blew through the clearing.
“Fat lot of good that did us,” the first shadow muttered.
“We heard enough to know that we will be working together,” said the second, “And, as I can hardly go on thinking of you two as ‘the shadows,’ should say introductions are in order.”
“Who put you in charge?” the first shadow demanded, seeming intent on being in a bad mood.
“Someone must lead us,” said the second shadow, “Now, my name is Desiree.”
“I’m Karralynne,” the first shadow said, if grudgingly. They turned on the third shadow, who wore an angry expression.
“’Shadow suits me just fine.” came the answer.
“That is not in the spirit of team identification,” Desiree chided.
“Names have power,” said ‘Shadow,’ “You should beware dropping yours so casually.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by:"Inside the fire." Courtesy of Dragon Writing Prompts.

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