Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Justice with her Shining Sword

When Aki heard the horses coming, she didn’t hesitate. She took up her father’s sword and ran from the house, which had mostly crumbled to the ground.

An unnatural darkness filled the forest. Aki ran on, her grip on the sword desperately tight. Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking, but she didn’t feel afraid. There was no cause to any more.

She stood her ground amidst the dark trees, waiting. The ground seemed to shake under the thundering of hooves. And then the raiding party burst forth from the trees.

They were terrible, in black armor and carrying fierce weapons. Aki was suddenly aware of how very small she was, but she shook this thought from her mind. It didn’t matter.

What mattered was that she get her revenge.

She stood right before the leader’s horse, her sword outstretched. The horse reared to a stop. The leader, who was large beyond words, with the longest sword and eyes of fire and great tangles of black hair, looked at her and laughed.

“What a fierce little warrior,” he said, “Are you going to stop me, little girl?”

Aki held up the sword that her father had wielded – the sword he had carried when this man struck him down. She took a deep breath, taking in the stink of the man who murdered her father.

“Yes.” she said.

He laughed harder. Then he slid off his horse.

“Come, now, we don’t want to kill a pretty little thing like you. That would be a waste.”

His men joined in the laughter. Aki tightened her grip on the sword.

“Fight me,” she said.

He stepped forward.

“You’re a feisty one, I’ll give you that,” he said, “But I like ‘em feisty.” He reached out to grab her – which was a mistake. Aki spotted a chink in his armor and drove her father’s sword into his arm. It took more force than she had anticipated, but luckily she caught him off guard. He roared in pain, and she heaved the sword out and danced backwards.

“You’ll pay for that, little girl,” her adversary spat, and drew out his sword. When he attacked, Aki was ready, and she parried his blow as though she were an expert. She knew little of sword play, but she felt strength coursing through her, and she was not afraid to die, which she supposed gave her an edge.

The leader of the raiders attacked her vehemently, blinded by rage. She moved to stab him again, but this time clinked against his armor. Her foe struck her, sending her flying. He moved towards her, sword ready, but she had kept hold of her weapon, and when he stood over her she drove her weapon up, into the space between his armor and his helmet, driving her father’s sword straight into his neck.

Choking, the man struggled backwards. Then he collapsed. His men sat on their horses, staring dumfounded at the girl who had killed their leader.

Drawing her father’s sword from the neck of his killer, Aki turned to go back to what was left of her home.

A gasp of pain escaped her, and she fell to the ground – one of the raider’s daggers in her back. Hooves thundered around her as the raiders rode away, taking the body of their fallen leader with them.

Aki smiled grimly. She had avenged her father – and now it seemed she would be joining him. But… she struggled under what seemed to be a heavy weight… but she couldn’t go now. She had so many plans, so much left to do.

“It’s okay,” said a voice – a soft, soothing male voice that sounded from right behind her, “Just relax.”

Aki frowned. “I can’t relax, I have to get home.”

She wasn’t sure she had spoken the words aloud, but she must have, for he responded:
“Get home? Aki, you’re going to a different home now. You… you’re dying.”

“I’m not dying!”

“Aki, listen to me.” Gentle hands pulled her hair back, revealing the half of her face that wasn’t pressed against the ground. “It’s ok.” the voice continued, “Just let go.”

“I’m not letting go. I can’t die now. I can’t.”

“There’s nothing left for you now.”

Aki was struggling. Pain was overwhelming her, and her whole body was trembling. Whoever was speaking stroked her face, and she could feel herself slipping away.

“The… the baby.” she managed.


“I have to take care of the baby.”

The voice that had been speaking to her began to mutter to itself – and it didn’t sound happy. Finally it spoke again to her.

“I am going to lose my job for this.”

Strong arms lifted her and carried her away from that place. Feeling perfectly safe, Aki let go and lost consciousness.


Today's Novel Idea Prompted by: Picture above, courtesy of Dieki's Dreamings (it's not her best photoshop work, but I loved the story that went with it.)


creme brulee said...

hmm...do I see a reference to a personification of death, by chance?
:D teehee!

The Hot Girl in the Comic Shop said...

You know me so well ^_^