Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your Lies Become You

“Don’t worry about it,” Natasha said with an airy wave of her hand, “I’ll be back soon, and we’ll solve this.”

“But--” Carrin began.

She stopped him. “I will be back.”

The group trudged away, off into the trees. A smirk played about Natasha’s lips as she watched them go. She could feel power racing through her, ready to be released. “You’re lies become you.” The voice came from right behind her. Deep, darkly amused, and very familiar. Natasha turned slowly, and found herself facing a broad-shouldered man with jagged black hair and an over-all rugged exterior. He was standing very close to her. It seemed he would always be the one person who could approach her unawares.

“What do you mean – my lies become me? I don’t tell lies.”

He gave a grim smile. “I knew you when you were honest.” he said.

“I’m honest now!” Natasha grinned, “I could never tell a lie.”

“Mind you,” the man said, making no acknowledgement of her comment, “I like you better this way. But there is so much you don’t understand.”

“I understand perfectly,” Natasha said, moving even closer to him.

“No, Asha,” he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked down into her face, his silver eyes boring into her, “You don’t understand at all. And too many people have died for me to allow you to go on this way.”


Today's Novel Idea Prompted By:

"Your lies become you," couretsy of Dragon Writing Prompts.

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creme brulee said...

woah. *rappid blinking* that- was- intense!